When it's time to give up..

After the 4th thing is broken for the day....

After the last tantrum, over.....well, you don't remember what exactly...

After yelling at your child yet again and regretting it...

When exactly is it the time to give up?  Never..

Before you roll your eyes at me and click away, listen, you are the one!  The only one who knows your child the best, that your child counts on to stay strong in the wake of another epic meltdown..you are the one that they love more than anything in their world..and you are going to mess it up!

You mess it up all of the time,  you don't handle something like you wanted to, you yell when you didn't mean to and regret it afterwards..That's the way it goes when you have a child with extra struggles & challenges and guess what?  It's okay.  Whether someone said those words to you and you didn't believe them or your spouse tells you and you brush it off, let me tell it to you.  It's.Okay!  

Hold your head up high and know you gave it your all and that is the best you can do.  People told me that and I thought to myself, "but I can do better," "I shouldn't have yelled over something so stupid, but it was my last nerve I had left." But you know what, you did the best you could at the time with what you had left to give.

Parenting children with extra energy, resilience, stamina and tantrums is extremely exhausting, mentally draining and can have you find yourself feeling quite resentful and angry.  Don't let your struggles with managing an "extra" child make you feel like you are failing, you are doing your best with the situation at hand with the skills you have. 

I am so proud of you and your journey that has led you here!

If you find yourself looking for more, needing more help or looking for something that is missing, I am here for you and that's what I do best!  

Whatever your needs, wherever you are in life, I am here to support you and your family to bring the happiness back into your family, environment & home.  Contact me today to let me know how I can help you and let's get started!  I can't wait to help get you back on your path to finding yourself, your family connection and smiling more than you have in a long time!


Let's do this together!

Let's do this together!