Diabetes Mentorship & Consultations

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It all started when...

In 1997, at the age of 9 I was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes.  It shook my world and left my parents overwhelmed.  I started with multiple injections per day, leaving no freedom for flexible schedules, birthday parties or fun…in my mind. After 10 years, I decided I had enough of injections and decided to try an Insulin Pump.  I flourished with my new-found freedom and my Parents finally felt a sense of relief.

I was introduced to Camp Needlepoint in Wisconsin the first year I was diagnosed and my parents signed me up right away.  It was a camp dedicated completely to kids with Diabetes; a place full of people like me where I wasn’t an outsider, slipping away to check my blood sugar or do an injection without anyone seeing!  I had an extraordinary time there and after several years in my late teens I decided to take on the position of a Counselor.  I led groups of children through activities, structured their injection or pump change schedules, monitored their blood sugars and insulin schedules and demonstrated that Diabetes doesn’t have to hold you back and affect your every minute. 

I am proud to offer consultation and mentor-ship services for families with children with Type 1 Diabetes.  With 20 years of personal experience in navigating the multiple challenges of living with diabetes I am ready to offer others the happiness and success I have experienced!

I have successfully managed my Diabetes through many hurdles and had two healthy, beautiful children.  I would love the opportunity to work with you and your child or young adult through this challenging, confusing and most definitely overwhelming time!  Contact me today to see how I can help get you on the path to success!