Difficult Behaviors & Behavioral Disorder Coaching is for..

Families and individuals to determine what they need in order to meet personal goals though our custom action plan. They are an extension of your family devoted to improving quality of life.


It doesn't matter what the letters are..ADD, ADHD, OD, Autism, Sensory Processing Disorder...or the situation, tantrums, disruptive behavior, fire starting... I am here to help you and your family break through the struggles, conflicts & frustration to bring back happiness and understanding to your life.

The Truth..


Being a parent of a child with Difficult Behavior and/or Behavioral Disorders is exhausting, frustrating and can cause damage to families and  relationships.  It can bring up anger, resentment and cause you to feel lost with no way out in sight..I know from personal experience!  

Let me guide you through this tough time to find yourself, bring you closer together and be a whole family again.

Feeling overwhelmed?  Not sure where to start?  Send an email or call my way and we can get your questions answered whether you choose to work with me or not.  I remember feeling so hopeless, wondering if I will ever find someone who will work with me and really understand my families' needs. That process took me so many years on my own to find myself again, my happiness and the strength my family has today.  You have nothing to lose, heck, you may feel like you have already lost, let's get you started today!   

Let's Do This!